Jeremiah Zucker

Computer Engineer

Passionate computer engineer obsessed with clean architecture and modern language constructs. Voluntarily full-stack, with a strong emphasis on Kotlin-based platform and tooling. Always looking for a good challenge to take a leading role in.
Rochester Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering w/ Minor in Computer Science
May 2018
Relevant courses: Computer Science I, II & III, Analysis of Algorithms, Intelligent Systems, Intro to Cryptography, Applied Programming, Digital Systems Design I & II, Computer Organization, Assembly Programming, Software Engineering, Electronics I, Circuits I & II, Data & Communications Networks, Digital IC Design
Senior Software Engineer
Aug 2020 - Present
  • JVM platform lead on multiplatform (Desktop Compose & Android) extension of OS-agnostic dynamic rendering platform (soon to be open source).
  • Open sourced Kotlin Hooks, a plugin-driven architecture library for Kotlin based platforms. Includes Arrow Meta Kotlin compiler plugin, Gradle plugin, and limited Maven plugin.
  • Designed internal Kotlin DSLs to boost content writer productivity and enforce greater content standards with compile time type checks and verification.
  • Contributor and maintainer of open source Gradle plugin for Auto release tooling.
Software Engineer II
Jan 2019 - Aug 2020
  • Enabled the cryptocurrency import experience for mobile app users with OAuth token support.
  • Reimplemented tax landing tables to prevent users from wasting time in tax topics that aren’t relevant based on user input and ML data models.
  • Architected a new returning user flow to provide contextual based user progress and reduce time to resume taxes which reduced help and search queries by 40%.
  • Recruited for a tiger team chartered with improving user retention rates accredited with +$20M of incremental revenue.
  • Improved quality, maintainability, and understanding of DSL based services by creating a static analysis tool that is part of the build pipeline which deploys the analysis artifacts as a SPA.
Software Engineer I
Jun 2018 - Jan 2019
  • Replatformed My Analysis & Advice premium feature of TurboTax to a dynamic SVG rendered through React.
  • Increased developer productivity by contributed debugging capabilities to a proprietary DSL.
  • Improved quality and testability by creating a new Kotlin-based testing framework for DSL based services.
  • Key driver of a simplified tax experience overhaul that would reduce total tax return errors by 3% and reduce overall time to complete taxes for paid users by 6 minutes, which directly correlates to $15 million in revenue.
Software Engineer Co-op
Jan 2017 - Jul 2017
  • Integrated third party loan provider to serve personalized offers to qualified users.
  • Built a data aggregation service to enable meaningful data insights and predictions by leveraging user data.
  • Core contributor to the inception of the new Turbo application, laying the foundation for the web app and contributing to the iOS app.
L-3 Global Communications Solutions
Software Engineer Co-op
May 2016 - Aug 2016
Jun 2015 - Dec 2015
  • Developed embedded software written in C++ for portable satellite terminals.
  • Improved overall quality and testability by building a hardware device simulator in Python using the Linux CUSE interface to implement device drivers in user space.
  • Refactored a proof-of-concept Android web-app into a production ready application that communicates with the terminals in real-time.
Languages (proficient): Kotlin, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript (ES6), Python, Xtend
Languages (intermediate): Swift, C++, VHDL, MATLAB, Go
Frameworks & Libraries: ReactJS, VueJS, Kotlin Coroutines, Kotlinx Serialization, Spring Boot, Spark, Gradle, Android, Bazel, Xtext, RxJava, Maven, Make, Firebase Suite
Hooks: Plugin driven architecture framework for Kotlin-based platforms.
  • Heavily inspired by Webpacks Tapable library for JS.
  • Consists of variety of typed hooks to service different use cases.
  • Published with Kotlin compiler plugin to limit redundant overhead.

Uses: Kotlin, Coroutines, Arrow Meta, Gradle

Auto Gradle plugin: Brings simple automated release management to Gradle based projects.
  • Automated releases powered by pull request labels.
  • Native Gradle plugin enables typed configuration within Gradle build files.

Uses: TypeScript, Kotlin, Gradle

Clockwyse: Emergency alerting platform for serving emergency alerts through digital signage.
  • Web portal enables administration and integration with a modern, easy-to-follow UI.
  • Multiplatform clients allow for device flexibility (includes Android, iOS, ChromeOS, and web).
  • Kotlin-based Android app was created to serve as a device policy controller to provide a dedicated device experience for maximum stability.

Uses: Kotlin, JavaScript, TypeScript, VueJS, Firebase Suite

Sudoku Solver: Two implementations of this exist, the original in Python and the other in React JavaScript.
Originally written to use only logic, it has been revamped to use a combination of logic and DFS. The Python GUI was developed in PySide, which will soon allow the user to input puzzles, save puzzles, and load new puzzles.

Uses: Python, PySide, JavaScript, React

Social Media App (Android team): A localized, content driven, photo-sharing mobile application.
The server, written in Go, provides complete RESTful endpoints that allows for easy requests from within the Android app. The app itself creates a slick, material environment that emphasizes ease of use. The material-camera library provided a neat, material media capturing environment, but did not have still-shot functionality. As part of this project, still-shot functionality was added to material-camera.

Uses: Java, Retrofit2, Glide, material-camera

Pandroid: A custom Pandora client for Android written in Kotlin.
Originally created as an experiment to learn Kotlin, this quickly became a full fledged project. While trying to follow best practices, the MVP design pattern was incorporated and allows for highly functional and practical modularity.

Uses: Kotlin, Ktor, Compose UI, Retrofit2, Picasso, RxJava

Jimmy Search: An ironic implementation of our attempt to de-automate a search engine.
The site was created to allow for users to submit searches, which Jimmy would be prompted to answer. As part of the Android team, I developed the admin app for answering the searches.

The site was featured on Hacker News, Product Hunt, and Web Designer News, creating a huge influx of searches of which Jimmy is still answering.

Uses: Go, JavaScript, Java

1st Place
Spring 2018
Clockwyse won the RIT Department of Criminal Justice awared for technology in public safety during Imagine RIT 2018.
NY Business Plan Competition
3rd Place (Technology Track)
Spring 2018
Clockwyse took 3rd at the 2018 NYBPC Technology Track.
1st Place
Fall 2016
A small autonomous car that used a line finding algorithm and PID control to do two laps around a circuit as fast a possible. My partner and I implemented our solution in C, testing many variants to different algorithms. Our winning time of 16.2 seconds beat the second place time by a full three seconds.
RIT Meets The Jetsons: Flying Cars
2nd Place
Spring 2015
An autonomous drone challenge; using Node.js and OpenCV, my team and I developed an solution using a Haar Classifier to detect various Jetson's characters.
Intuit Kotlin Learning Community: Led and organized global, bi-weekly learning sessions and communal knowledge base for Intuit developers.
RIT Competitive Cybersecurity Club: Weekly meetings and challenges cover various cybersecurity topics.
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